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About Us

Who We Are

People say we are an IT and a marketing company, but we believe we are an innovation company. After working for several year in this industry, still we keep on improving our work in terms of innovaiton and security.

Digi Sidekick is not an entity, it’s a family that represents togetherness for over two decades of a successful journey. For Digi Sidekick, the definition of success is to transcend innovative ideas of people to reality with the help of our tech expertise, this is what we, as a Team, want to be remembered for!

What We Do

We feel empowered with our certified tech experts and our R&D team who have always challenged themselves to help global clientele with a plethora of IT services and solutions. Engagement with our team guarantees our clients to save huge money on project development with faster delivery.

Our Mission is to connect with more than 1 million people with 10 years of time span. We have been working on products like office Sahayogi and Digi Course to make this happen.

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk, is the wallpaper of my desktop. I started Digi Sidekick when I was 19 years old in my college.
I always wanted to become an entrepreneur not because of money but because of the independence. Every day is different as an entrepreneur. "

- Aarjav Jain


Core Values

Our Vision

Aiming to provide a complete online solution to budding Entrepreneurs and creative minds to sustain in the market and changing the data management sector through Automation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect with more that 1 Million people with 10 years of time span. We have been working on products like office Sahayogi and Digi Course to make this happen.

Our Team

When we mix organized Jugaad with our structural R&D and expertise, our team can deliver commendable results that create value.

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Connect With Us

B-310- Millenium Point, Lal Darwaja Station Rd, opp. Gabani Hospital, near Railway Station, Delhi 110017



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